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Plakortis Business’ Sustainability Environmental Coaching Services aims to de-compartmentalise environment and economic growth. Registered in 2018 Plakortis is managed and operated by seasoned natural resource, and socio-economic experts who have decades of regional experience in conservation, disaster risk reduction, and climate change mitigation. These are the experts whose work contributed to the positive environmental shifts in the way we communicate all things environment..

What we do

Green business training

We provide training to businesses in good water resource management, assessing your water needs, and planning periods when there is too much, or too little water.

We will likewise train you and your staff in managing energy usage to save monies, reducing waste load, and limiting the effects of pollution on the environment

We will ensure you and your staff are disaster and climate ready. When it comes to negative environmental feedback, and environmental shifts human and natural you and your business remain functional and profitable

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corporate social accountability

Every business has a role to play in contributing to the social, economic and environmental wellness of the society in which it exist and benefits.

Knowing what to do, and how much you can do is where we come in. We will help your business build a brand that is above and beyond through effective social and environmental accounting.

With Plakortis your business is not just known for its contributions to the job market, but for responsibilities you take in managing your social and economic footprint

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Event coordination

You no longer need to be indifferent about social and environmental issues due to lack of knowledge and expertise. We will work with you in choosing an area of interest and implementing a project as desired.

With many opportunities to choose from, let us help your brand stand out in adapting an initiative that can be delivered along with other activities or independently on a national or international day of significant, e.g. Wold Water Day, World Clean up day, World Water Day, World Wetland’s Day…

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Grant writing for social enterprise

We will work with you to develop your concept into a full proposal, enlist partners, host stakeholder consultation and submit proposals on your behalf.

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Sustainability Expert on Retainer

Cannot afford a full time sustainability advisor? No problem, hire us for temporary and short term services, when you want, on your terms, achieving the specific objectives at the specific time.

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Other services

Disaster risk planning and implementation

Consultation during crisis management

Third party engagement

Workshop facilitation

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