At Plakortis we are always excited to support clients regardless of their growth stage. We are especially proud to lend valuable skills, build capacity and knowledge to micro and small businesses- the best part, we meet our clients wherever they are

Client engagement varies, but whatever the service requested, you provide much more than you expect

Toadstool Ltd Expansion and resilience project

When you love mushrooms and success as much as the Toadstool Team you will spend as much time as they do investing in the success of this business.

Speaking of investment thats why they enlisted Plakortis to ensure they are growing sustainability and to provide leverage for business continuity – Plakortis offers long term support to the team following engaging for proposal writing services. As a Business to Business Coach, its not about entrance and exit, its about business growth through medium and long term support.

Glory Fields Bee Keeping investment and community development project

Beekeeping and honey production is a widely beneficial activity for the individual bee farmer, but few go above and beyond; investing personal time and resources for their community.

When Glory Fields came knocking, we happily said yes – Plakortis offers professional and institutional capacity building to Glory Fields through proposal writing, stakeholder support, networking, ongoing advice and many other areas.

Bluefields Organic Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Tours and Farm Stay

Keith Wedderburn and his wife Sandra are the husband and wife team of this agro-tourism venture. Theirs is a wonderful story that keeps getting bigger. Plakortis supports the Wedderburns by support institutional capacity development, sustainability advice, and working with them in scaling their unique business. Don’t take my word for it, hop over to their website and see the nature root productivity of this team..much more to come

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