About Us

Plakortis: Your business environmental sustainability coach


Plakortis was officially launched in 2018 by founder and lead, Tracey Edwards, who along with her consulting partners have over decades of experience in natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, agribusiness, sustainability and climate change adaptation. Working in Jamaica and the winder Caribbean they have engaged partners and beneficiaries at all levels, being drivers of change by profession and experience.  


To be the no. 1 environmental ally for  the business community across the Caribbean, and in the fight against climate change Nemo resideo:

 changing the fate of businesses by leveraging business  growth transformation in  direct  alignment  with the Blue/Green Economic Agenda


To satisfy business environmental needs and ensure continuity regardless of the nature of the operation


To help businesses achieve the national, regional and international agenda towards the Blue/Green economy

To leverage business against environmental shifts and changes

To help businesses achieve social responsibility while maximising profits

Compliance targets

Companies reduce Green House Gas emissions & air pollution

Companies reduce water wastage & ensure available, clean water 

Companies reduce & prevent environmental contamination from liquid and solid waste  

Companies are more resilient to environmental shifts and take steps to adapt  

Value to business

Mitigate global warming and reduce high energy cost

Reduce profit loss resulting from sudden environmental shifts and policy implementation 

Wider customer base with  eco-friendly clients

Limited social conflicts and negative feedback, with increase social accountability

Stronger community relation when the business plays a role in alleviating challenges related to community health and social wellbeing

The way we work

Nature of Plakortis

Through coaching and partnership we ensure  sustainability and environment is built into the culture of business models across the region. We also help companies stay in business by providing guidance and information for adaption to projected changes in policies, and environmental shifts that will influence consumer choices.

Strategy 2

We move companies from having high environmental footprint to sustainability; leveraging and supporting the Blue/Green economic agenda through trainings, step by step green business implementation, development of green business, and environmental, sustainability guidelines.

Our Clients

We are focused on building a relationship with businesses at all levels, and sector. We have particularly tailored our products to suit entrepreneurs, and small to medium size entities (SMEs), who have opportunity and advantage of encasing sustainability and continuity within the core of their operations. 

Strategy 3

Our approach is radial. We use methods of engaging and awareness techniques that gets good practices beyond the beyond the workspace, to communities; ensuring both you and your staff develop knowledge and skills for sound environmental living, and readiness for disasters.

Strategy 1

We meet our clients where they are; empowering individuals to take social accountability seriously, and implement eco-friendly practices; leading to greater resilience , growth and continuity for the business. 

Clients are engaged at every stage of their operations: from concept, launch and operational support for start ups to restructuring and implementation for  existing businesses.

We work with our clients in establishing zero waste targets through partnership ventures, engaging players through the circular economy business concept.

Let’s build a relationship for change.

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